Umbrella Corporation is a global corporation that ostensibly specializes in creating drugs to treat incurable diseases. But in fact, in one of its units, experiments are being carried out to produce a biological weapon.

The room can be played in 2 modes:

1️⃣ Investigation Team
Dr. Charles Ashford has contacted you, a select group of scientists, to ask for your advice on a secret project he is working on. After a disturbing message from him, you lost track of him. Will you be able to find out what happened?
😱 Psychological
☢️ Survival
👤 Without physical contact
🎭 Live Performance Included

2️⃣ Strike Team
In the last few hours, communication with the company's laboratories has been lost. The security protocol has been activated and your team is invited to perform an audit. Will you be able to find out what has happened? But mostly will you manage to stay alive….?
💀 Panic Horror
☢️ Survival
🏃 Running
🫂 With physical contact
🎭 Live Performance Included

300 sq.m. full of terror, intensity, adrenaline and panic! The biggest escape room in the city is waiting for you!


You must be in our main store exactly 30 minutes before the start of the game, because the game takes place in a different location.

Difficulty 95%
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