"AMNESIA" is a highly secure escape game, for which all safety measures have been taken for the participants.

Nevertheless, there is always the risk, as in all activities, of injury or psychosomatic episode due to health problems (heart disease, etc.), violation of the participation regulations, etc.

In the event that the managers of the company, at their discretion, find that a person who wishes to participate in the activity in question does not meet the conditions for participation (indicative such as previous consumption of alcohol or use of substances prohibited by law, poor mental or psychological state, etc. .a.), have the right to refuse his participation in the game.

The company bears no responsibility for accidents that may happen to participants who do not comply with safety regulations, as well as for anything that happens to a participant that is due to their fault.

In the event that a participant violates any provision of the above regulations, he/she will be immediately expelled from the performance. Also, the participant unconditionally undertakes the obligation to fully and jointly restore any kind of damage that he/she caused to another participant of the game or an employee of the company.